Claire Bloomfield

"This was my first time getting acupuncture. It was exactly and not at all what I expected. Susan asked me a list of questions to understand what was normal, and what was out of balance in my body. I was really amazed at how she was able to connect imbalances in my body with other parts of my body. For example, she could tell I had neck pain by feeling a sore point in my hand. She could also tell I had trouble making decisions from a point in my leg. Overall the acupuncture was pretty painless. I was expecting the needles to hurt more, but the feeling was less than a pinch. After the procedure my body seemed to be carrying less tension in its lower and upper back. (my problem points). Susan also showed me some neck stretches to do at home to help with my neck pain. I will definitely be going back. Overall, it was a great experience."

Bryce L.

"I had to give Susan a good review because when I went to see her I was worried about getting acupuncture. The last person didn't seem to help and the needles were all very uncomfortable. Susan was so confident with the needles that it put me right at ease. I barely felt them and left feeling so much better. I see her whenever anything's bothering me and I'm sending all my friends to her now!"

Jon Ho

"She is personable and has a gentle touch with the needles. I didn't even feel the needles going in most of the time and before I knew it I had fallen asleep. I felt so relaxed after having a treatment with her."

Sarah Urquhart Taylor

"I cannot recommend Susan highly enough. Reassuringly focused and professional while she works, but also approachable, warm and friendly in a way that instantly puts you at ease as a client. I felt completely relaxed throughout my treatment with her, and felt the benefits for a considerable time afterwards. My sleep improved and my energy levels were much better. Everything just felt "Right". Susan has a way of knowing what you need, even if you don't! Thank you Susan, looking forward to my next treatment."