Meet Susan Fox!

Third generation Chicagoan and Chattanooga transplant, I am no stranger to being a regular hardworking, pizza eating, baseball cheering girl. Life was pretty ordinary, until I turned 18, when my life flipped upside down. I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder, called neuro-cardiogenic syncope, which at its worst had me bed-bound for months, and house bound for much longer. I visited nearly every physician in the city, but it was my Chinese Medicine Doctor that helped me to experience the most change. With her help I was eventually able to lead a normal life. This is the kind of change I want to help you achieve. I am passionate about finding answers where Western medicine isn't enough. I know from experience, that there is nothing more important than getting your life back.

My Expertise

There is no dispute that Western Medicine is amazing. However, my specialties are treating the kind of illnesses that Western Medicine doesn't have all (or the best) answers for. I am particularly interested in treating Urological and Gastrointestinal disorders . I have had great success treating chronic interstitial cystitis, mild urinary incontinence, chronic acid reflux, and IBS,

Some Other Disorders and Diseases that I Treat